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Blog 2.0

My second attempt at a blog.  Let’s just see how this goes, ‘k?  Until then:  Quotes from Facebook.

I’m tall and smart. If you’re aggressive and energetic it can be intimidating for people who aren’t very smart themselves. – Julia Roberts 

We needed that! -Katie

…and then I found $5. – Katie

There are two kinds of light–the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscures. – James Thurber

If you can see the obstacles, you’ve taken your eyes off the goal.

You’ll do anything for someone you love, except love them again. – Cher

Dog’s barking, can ‘t fly without umbrella.

The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four Americans is suffering from some form of mental illness. Think of your three best friends. If they’re okay, then it’s you. -Rita Mae Brown

You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club. – Jack London

I am returning this otherwise good typing paper to you because someone has printed gibberish all over it and put your name at the top. – An English Professor

Is this really happening? -Jo

What if this weren’t a hypothetical question?

A procrastinator’s work is never done…

Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know. Ernest Hemingway

Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment. – Barry LePatner

When you start to doubt yourself, the real world will eat you alive – Henry Rollins

Never confuse movement with action. – Ernest Hemingway

Dress like who you want to go home with. – A.T.

After I’m dead I’d rather have people ask why I have no monument than why I have one. – Cato the Elder

…the important thing is to remember that any chain is freely worn. In most cases, you are enslaved only because you allow it.

A Freudian slip is when you say one thing but mean your mother – Author Unknown

“Worry is a thin stream of fear trickling through the mind. If encouraged, it cuts a channel into which all other thoughts are drained.” – Arthur Somers Roche

“Where the fuck do I find a magic toad?” -Veronica

“Never eat more than you can lift.” – Miss Piggy

“They should call “Slim-Fast,” “Shit-Fast.” – Dad

“Marriage is a great institution, but I’m not ready for an institution.” -Mae West


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