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August 9, 2017 / memoriesofagoldfish

This post is about nothing

This is going to seem like a rambling post, but I swear I have a point.  Maybe not.  I’m rereading this and I think my point is, “Who is going to run the country when the old people that are there now die?”

I’ve never done any research on Millennials, and I only know what the news media tells me and what I read on IMGUR ( so I’m not an expert.  But I’m stuck in a weird place where the generation before me doesn’t like them because they’re lazy and my generation created them.  I don’t feel like I have a stake in the game at all, because I didn’t make any myself.

I have no idea what to think of them, or for them or about them.  I’ve had both, good and bad experiences with them.  But that can be said of any group/race/religion/person. And look how people felt about Gen Xers.  We were also unliked, but we could be studied and marketed to.  Millennials?  Not so much.

But here’s why I bring this up…

I was discussing with a friend today about the state of politics and how old so many of our politicians are.  Like…they just won’t die.  Think about Pam from Payroll and how fucking old she seems and how talking to her about anything taxes your ability to remain calm and not throw her out of a window.  She’s not fast, she hasn’t been in college since the 70’s, so computers weren’t a “thing.”   She has absolutely no idea that she can just hit the ‘TAB’ key to get to the next field instead of going for the mouse and taking 13 seconds to zero in the field/okay/yes/print button.  And it is MADDENING because you have to be nice and respect her because she’s 63 and she’s seen some shit.  Imagine her at 83 and still trying to process your payroll.  Totally trust her with your direct deposit info, huh?

I guess I could have summarized that paragraph above by asking you to remember the last time you stood in line behind an octogenarian at the self-checkout.  I digress.

I was going to type a bunch of shit out, but look at this:  OLD POLITICIANS  Don’t get lost in the “Age at taking office” vs. “Current age.”  Some of them have been in office for almost as long as I’ve been alive. Without being offensive, I don’t trust 80 year olds to make political decisions.  Especially when the rest of us have to retire at 65.

Now for my dulled point…the aforementioned friend and I were talking about the values Millennials have and we were speculating that in the next 5-10 years, Millennials would be our lawmakers.  Except…do they want to be?  It’s a lot of work and if Millennials value relationships more than things, they really don’t care about working a bunch, huh?

To that end, who here only works 40-hour weeks?  Aside from the last 4 months, I didn’t work less than 50 and I was on call “24 by 7,” and that is a direct quote from my manager.  I say that because I never understood why she couldn’t just say, “24/7,” like humans.  I don’t know that my body wouldn’t reject a 40-hour week and I think that many Millennials are of the same mind.  Again, I don’t know for sure because I don’t have one and I don’t want to date one (read:  they won’t answer my messages on Growlr) so I don’t really have a good frame of reference.

I guess this whole post is about where we are headed as a country.  I’m concerned, who isn’t?  But I have pictures of me in Halloween drag, so I can’t run for office.  I don’t know what the solution is and currently, everything seems bad.  Even my therapist said that she’d never seen people so affected by a political office before.

God, this post is going nowhere.  NOWHERE!  I usually wrap everything up nice ‘n tidy with a witty remark or a positive ending, but I gots nothing.  Is everyone like this right now? Can we start a support group or a drinking group?  Book club where we don’t read but we talk about how to impact change going forward?

Help, I need an adult!


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