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April 25, 2013 / memoriesofagoldfish

The latest job hunt…

I’ve been applying to jobs that I’m overqualified for because I want something that’s easy while I go back to school for a couple of classes and then possibly an MBA.  We’ll see.  I’m back in the same boat where you have to fill out a zillion questions and forms and places and spots and attach your cover letter and be a circus poodle.   Today’s was the worst.

Shit you not here is the body of the email:

Thank you for applying to the HR Assistant Position.  Below you will find a list of questions along with a link to our skills assessment.  In order to be considered for this position both must be completed.  The skills assessment will take approximately 55 minutes.

1.  Why are you looking for a position?

2.  What is your salary expectation for this role?  (Negotiable is not an acceptable response)

3.  Do you meet the minimum qualifications for this position?  If so, please provide specifics dates, examples.

4.  Is there anything that would hinder your ability to be shift flexible?  Working variable shifts, weekends, nights and holidays is a requirement of this role.

5.  What interested you in this position?

6.  Give 2 examples of how you have partnered with internal and external customers.

Initially I thought all 6 questions were for the interview, and should only be asked at the interview.  However, we’re poor so I decided that I’d go ahead and jump through the skills assessment.  It’s an HR position so I assumed it would be benefits and policy questions, labor laws, FMLA…shit like that.  WRONG.  It was a personality analysis (I don’t have one.)  A math test (what I’m going back to school for.) And that took over 30 minutes THEN I got to some shape-matching bullshit that caused me to lose my mind.  I kinda feel like it was a joke.  Like someone’s thesis was based on how far they could get you to go with that before you started crying or closed out.

I’m 40.  I’m applying for a reception position where I don’t have to think much and I just look pretty because I’m fairly certain that this math class I have to take is going to test my sanity and my “marriage.”  I shan’t be coming back from it!

I’m going to paste the link here and I hope that someone else tries it because I really think it’s bullshit.  Judges?  Feel free to make up a name and email.  Fifty-five minutes, my ass.


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